Pneumonia Cases in Wuhan and Precautionary Measures (10 Jan 2020)


鑑於政府在2020年1月8日將「嚴重新型傳染性病原體呼吸系統病」納入《預防及控制疾病條例》(第599章) 為法定須呈報的傳染病,及已啟動「嚴重應變級別」,校方繼早前發放有關武漢市肺炎個案和預防措施的信息,現再次提醒各教職員及同學保持良好個人及環境衛生。



教職員及同學如身體不適,或出現發燒及急性呼吸道感染徵狀或肺炎病徵,並曾於病發前十四天內到訪武漢市,應速往附近公立醫院就醫。如師生需校方協助,可聯絡本處高級主任(防火、健康與安全)何炎堂先生(3963-5227或 (辦公時間) 或與M座三樓保安室當值員工聯絡(非辦工時間)(24小時熱線:3963 5166)。




Dear Colleagues and Students,

With the Gazette of the Government dated 8 January 2020 that "Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent" was included as a statutorily notifiable infectious disease under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap. 599) and the Serious Response Level has been activated, we would like to remind all staff and students again to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene.

The University has already stepped up preventive cleaning and disinfection measures, including increased frequency of campus cleaning, increased rate of air circulation, and provision of masks and sanitizers at security counters of each building.

The Residential Colleges and Staff Quarters have also stepped up cleaning and disinfection measures at the lobbies, elevators and public areas. The University has established mechanism of handling pneumonia and influenza pandemic in place, set up emergency rooms for residents and staff who need special assistance, and will handle suspected cases, if found, in accordance with the prescribed procedures.  

Staff and students feeling unwell, or suffering from fever and acute respiratory illness, or pneumonia, and visited Wuhan within 14 days prior to the onset of the symptoms are strongly advised to seek medical advice at the nearest public hospital immediately. For assistance of the University, if necessary, please contact Mr Jason Ho, Senior Officer (Fire, Health & Safety) (3963-5227 or during office hours, or officer-in-charge on 3/F Security Counter, M Building during non-office hours (24-hour hotline: 3963-5166).

According to the Centre for Health Protection, proper reporting of infectious diseases is an important element of surveillance, prevention and control of the spread of infectious diseases on campus. The University will continue to closely monitor the latest developments and make announcements as appropriate.

Thank you for your attention.

Campus Development and Management Office